Tasmanian borders to open Friday July 24

Tasmanian borders
Tasmanian borders to open Friday July 24


Tasmania’s Premier Peter Gutwein has eventually introduced when the state’s border will reopen to interstate travellers: Friday, July 24.

Speaking to reporters, Mr Gutwein mentioned the state hadn’t reported a brand new case of coronavirus for 41 days – calling border closures “an important safeguard with restrictions in place to help suppress the virus in our state”.

While many have referred to as for Tasmania’s borders to reopen sooner, Mr Gutwein mentioned he “simply won’t put Tasmanians’ lives at risk”.

“We need to have confidence in other states which may present a risk to Tasmania, states that may have community transmission and could compromise Tasmanians’ health and safety.

“With that in mind and following comprehensive assessments undertaken by public health, it will be four weeks before we ease the restrictions on our borders.

“The date is Friday, 24 July.”

Mr Gutwein mentioned if the general public well being recommendation both on July 24 or within the lead-up to it modifications, “then very simply we will not open up our borders”.

Gutwein mentioned his Government will carry out a “formal review” of the scenario in Victoria in two weeks.

“I want to be clear, as the circumstances stand today, if we were opening up tomorrow, we would not be opening up our borders with Victoria tomorrow,” he instructed reporters.

“In terms of our broader border position, I want to make this perfectly clear. I don’t care who is calling for it, whether it be a lobby group, the Prime Minster.

“If the public health advice is we should maintain restrictions, we will.

“Tasmanians right through this have worked with us. We’ve been guided by public health advice, we will continue to be guided by that.”

Mr Gutwein mentioned the Government would “implement measures at borders in four weeks’ time, including airports and sea ports, to ensure there’s detailed understanding of who is entering the state should we open up borders”.