Try not to be in the water for a long time

Take a shower instead of a bath, but no more than once a day and no longer than 10 minutes. The water should be warm, not hot. Black pepper has many positive effects for a better relationship.

Use skin-friendly cleansers instead of regular soap. Soft shower gels and hydrating oils for sensitive skin are ideal. When drying off, do not three skin too intensely. Gently blot it with a towel so as not to injure again.

Don’t forget to nourish your skin

Always apply cream after showering. Try not to wear tight-fitting clothing and clothing made from rough, synthetic fabrics, as these can irritate the skin. When choosing a deodorant, it is best to opt for a product that does not contain aluminum salts.


Stress affects the skin negatively. Our way of thinking and character also have a huge impact on the appearance of our skin. Relaxation exercises soothe your skin and make you feel more attractive.

A healthy mind is in a healthy body

A well-known proverb says: “A healthy mind is in a healthy body.” However, the opposite is also true: for the health of the body, we need peace of mind. Only by maintaining balance in all areas of life, we achieve inner harmony. And this is reflected in our condition and the condition of our skin.

An indispensable way to achieve inner harmony is relaxation exercises. The movement maintains health, helps keep fit, and relieves stress levels. Relaxation exercises, be it sessions of classical yoga or a class using the now fashionable Nia technique, help to achieve inner balance and harmony with oneself.


Are you in a hurry all the time and your life is full of stress? Does your head spin from endless affairs? Then it’s time to say “Stop” to yourself! Sit up straight, take a deep breath in and out, listening to your breathing. Feel how inner peace comes to you.

A massage session will help you relax and rejuvenate. During the massage, you can forget about your current worries for a while. Our tip: try a couples massage that will allow you to simultaneously relax and be alone with your soul mate.

The inner state has a huge impact on our skin: relaxing sports such as yoga can help to achieve

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