Hair Botox vs keratin straightening Which is better

Hair botox treatment or keratin straightening

Hair botox treatment and keratin straightening treatment have different procedures and the products used during these methods also differ. We will discuss both methods one by one and will conclude results to help you in making better choices.

hair botox vs keratin straightening - Which is better

Hair Botox Method

Required products and their effect

The intra-silane molecule fills the hair structure, the Luna Matrix system evens out the cuticle, neutralizes yellowness, protects against UV rays. Hydrolyzed keratin, amino acids, an extract of aloe vera, and green tea leaves, the oil strengthens the shaft, prevents breakage, condition and stimulate the natural internal processes in the hair.

For whom is it suitable

For very damaged with aggressive bleaching, after carving, abuse of hot irons, and styling with a curling iron.

“Botox treatment” keeps curls. The treatment will give the waves a well-groomed Hollywood shine. Too thick hair will give a combed, neat look. It will help to eliminate cheap yellowness and give a clean tone.


Not recommended for pregnant or lactating women. If there is damage to the scalp, wait until the wounds heal, and then feel free to go to the procedure.


You will have smooth hair with a glossy shine, like a magazine cover. It is easy to comb, does not puff, and will no longer stick out in all directions. The split ends are securely sealed.

The effect lasts up to two months.

The procedure lasts up to 2.5 hours and depends on the length and thickness of the hair.

Keratin straightening

The keratin straightening method is carried out by professional products of world brands. The products are used in elite salons, their quality guarantees straightening and lasting results.

Required products and their effect

Products do not contain formaldehyde, products are created from environmentally friendly raw materials. they are usually made up of natural ingredients such as oils, keratin. They penetrate deeply into the hair and fill in damaged areas.

For whom is it suitable

If you are tired of waves and curls, this procedure is for you. Keratin straightens and smoothes hair, untangles and strengthens the structure of coarse unruly hair, tired of perm, and use heat treatment with irons, curling irons, hair dryers. Will tidy up unsuccessfully dyed or bleached hair.


Keratin straightening is not a simple cosmetic procedure, but a salon hair treatment for up to 5 months. It takes a little over an hour.


Smooth as the surface of water, hair. Healthy, shiny, robust, and strong. Well-groomed and elastic, able to take on any complex hairstyle.

So as you can see, both procedures are similar. The difference is in the composition and duration of the effect. It is not recommended to do “Botox” too often, while repeated keratin straightening can only improve the condition of the hair.

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