How to improve athletic performance

Improve athletic performance

For those who are accustomed to an active lifestyle, go in for sports and monitor their weight, the situation is familiar when, even with the most intense workouts, the set fitness goal is unattainable.

How to improve athletic performance

There can be many reasons for this. One of them is an imbalance of minerals in the body.A healthy lifestyle is becoming more and more popular, and at the same time, the number of fitness clubs and sports grounds is growing.

Not only do professional athletes dare to run a full-fledged marathon or show real miracles of strength, endurance, and flexibility, but ordinary people of all ages break records and achieve stunning fitness results.

However, whether it is yoga, bodybuilding, extreme, running, or another sports area, there is something that unites them: every trainee wants to achieve their goal and does everything possible to make the classes effective. What can hinder the achievement of the result?

How to make training more effective

Here are just a few reasons that reduce the effectiveness of classes and interfere with the achievement of your goals

Lack of a Plan

The lack of a competent training regimen can nullify all efforts. For example, if you exercise irregularly (just once a week (even for many hours) or skip workouts), you will return to where you started every time.

To achieve the goal, you need to draw up a program, break it down into stages, and be sure to follow the plan. Naturally, the plan can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the load, but regularity is the main rule of any training.

Lack of a coach

 Ask a professional to help you tailor a program based on your health, fitness level, and age. Such a program is already half of your success. Also, the trainer will become a good motivation for you to practice: with him you will not be able to phony, skip training, or complain that nothing is working out. It will charge, inspire, and, at the right time, encourage you not to give up.

Technique errors

This is another reason why you may not be successful. And one more reason to find a good fitness trainer. Moreover, the lack of a result is only half the trouble. If you do the exercises incorrectly or give the incorrect load, you risk injury and get off halfway to the goal.


This is a real scourge of many people in love with fitness. They do not need to be forced to go to workouts and give their best, they are ready to practically live in the gym and be distracted only by sleep and food.

However, too high an intensity of training does not bring results, but, on the contrary, leads to unnecessary overwork and fatigue. The increased load also increases the risk of injury.

Lack of useful items

It is impossible to achieve results in training if you continue to eat as before. This also applies to those people who came to the gym for a beautifully toned body, and athletes who value speed, strength, and endurance.

Make sure your diet is balanced, do not forget about trace elements and vitamins necessary for normal metabolism. If you are active in sports, they should be taken as supplements.

The role of trace elements in the human body during sports

Many people know that with a lack of vitamins, resistance to disease decreases, fatigue appears, there is no strength not only for training but in general for everyday affairs. With an active lifestyle, regular intake of vitamins is important, it is well known. However, micro and macro elements also play an important role in sports. After all, they are:

affect the acceleration of metabolism

take part in the formation of blood cells and blood clotting

are responsible for bone density

participate in the process of muscle contraction

affect the work of the cardiovascular system

That is, it is micro and macro elements that are involved in vital processes and affect the changes that occur in the body during training. With a lack of them, you not only will not achieve the desired results, but you can also harm the body.

Therefore, it is so important to determine in time whether there are enough micro and macro elements and to make up for their deficiency. The easiest way is to pass analysis for trace elements before starting a series of training (or already during).

What does an athlete give a trace element analysis?

Professional athletes know that to grow muscles and increase metabolism, it is necessary to take in sufficient quantities of potassium and magnesium preparations. However, it is rather rash to use the simplest formulas for the intake of these microelements, and even “without looking”.

If you want to achieve serious results, you need to approach the issue thoroughly, keeping your finger on the pulse, not only in the literal sense. After all, metabolism rests on many other biologically active substances, and it is easier to disturb the balance than to restore it.

Improving the quality of the training process

Having passed tests for trace elements, you will be able to determine the lack of necessary substances in time and replenish them. So you will support your body, help it to more effectively solve the assigned tasks.

At the same time, the quality of the training process increases significantly because both muscle growth and the development of endurance are complex biochemical processes that we do not see, but which largely depend, among other things, on a sufficient amount of microelements.

Development of an individual diet

Analyzes will also help you make a more correct diet that is right for you. Knowing what elements your body especially needs, you can choose the right foods and thereby affect the growth of fitness results.

Accelerating the recovery of the body

If all the elements are normal, the body works like a clock. It handles high loads easier and recovers faster. Isn’t this the main thing when you are preparing for a competition and are already on the verge of a personal record?

Reducing the risk of injury and effective recovery from injury

Injuries happen not only due to non-compliance with safety rules and violation of performance techniques. An increased sports load in itself can lead to a deficiency of certain substances, due to which the bones become more fragile and in general, the resistance to various diseases decreases. Replenishing the lack of elements reduces the risk of injury and accelerates recovery.

Health problems and professional growth

Unfortunately, the saying “Physical education heals, but professional sports cripples” is also true for those people who train hard in the fitness room to achieve some tangible results. 

Therefore, it is a competent approach to one’s health that will help the body cope with possible ailments, increase immunity, and allow it to grow further. The problem may also be that the consequences of a lack of important elements during active training may not be felt immediately. 

Therefore, even if it seems to you that everything is normal, it is better to get tested without fail. This will give you more opportunities to adjust your training program, make your body healthier and stronger, and reach your goals faster!


Why is it so important to control the content of trace elements?

Normally, the human body contains 86 trace elements, the quantitative ratio of which is very important. Man-made environmental factors often cause the accumulation of harmful trace elements such as arsenic. This affects the condition of the hair, skin and nails, the nervous system, and the general tone.

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