How To Know If Your Facial Skin Is Dry The Main Signs

Signs of  Dry Skin

Of all skin types, dry is perhaps the most “insidious”. In her youth, she gives so few problems that it seems that there is no need for a beauty routine! However, inadequate or inappropriate care can lead to increased dryness and early wrinkles. There are many homemade face masks for dry skin and promote a natural glow.

How To Know If Your Facial Skin Is Dry: The Main Signs

The main signs of dry skin are:

Lack of oily sheen

The unpleasant feeling of tightness after washing

A tendency to peel off

Early wrinkles

How Dry Skin Differs From Dehydrated

Equating dry and dehydrated skin is a big mistake 

Dry skin is skin with a low level of moisture in the stratum corneum and an increased level of transepidermal moisture loss. Skin is a more intense case of a lack of moisture in the skin. Normal and even oily skin can become dehydrated.

Causes of Dry Skin

One of the root causes of dryness is the weak hydrolipidic barrier of dry skin: if it does not retain moisture well in the epidermis, dryness is almost inevitable. The sebaceous glands are also largely responsible for the type of our skin. If they secrete too much sebum, the skin becomes oily, and if “greedy”, it can become dry. 

Improper care

Care should be regular, rule number two – you need cosmetics that are suitable for your skin type. It is the wrongly selected cosmetics that most often causes very dry skin. What to do? Shake the bathroom shelf thoroughly!

Unfavorable effects of environmental factors. Overdried by air conditioners and central heating air is harmful to dry skin! As well as hard or very hot tap water.

Improper nutrition

A balanced diet is not only energy that will help you turn the world upside down, but also beautiful skin. She needs vitamins and minerals, so include fresh fish, vegetables, fruits, cereals, and of course water on your shopping list.

Ultraviolet radiation

The sun’s rays dry out the skin and provoke photoaging, which is reflected in the loss of firmness, the appearance of a dull complexion, and early wrinkles and/or age spots.

Home Dry Skin Care

Remember the cult phrase that ignorance of the laws does not absolve from responsibility? In the case of dry skin, it is 100% true! Your job is to provide her with the right care that will reduce dry skin and help relieve tightness.

It’s good if your daytime moisturizer contains two types of ingredients: proper moisturizers and moisture-retaining ingredients.

Don’t forget about eye care. In this area, the skin is thinner and more delicate, so you cannot do without additional care and moisturizing.

In addition to revitalizing night care cream, you can apply an oil complex and serum.

For exfoliation, it is better to use delicate products with fruit acids. They will have a mild exfoliating effect.

Pamper your skin with masks two to three times a week. The fabrics are very good!

In summer (and not only!), Sun protection is important for dry skin. Choose UV protection products depending on the phototype.

In autumn, it is important to prepare your skin for the cold: throw all your strength into restoring the barrier function!

In winter, cold wind and frost have an extremely adverse effect on the skin. Try denser and denser textures for a rich, nourishing formula and protective function. It is best to apply water-based care products sometime before going outdoors to help them absorb well.

In the spring, you can switch to lighter textures and moisturizers with UV filters.

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