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I Never Left The Industry.’ Armeena Khan

Armeena Khan has been gone from the television for quite some time now. Her last outing in the Pakistani entertainment industry was last year’s film Sherdil. Since then, Armeena hadn’t taken on any significant film or television project in Pakistan which led people to believe that Armeena has left the Pakistani entertainment industry.

However, that is not the case. The actress has not left the industry as evidenced by the pictures that surfaced on social media from the sets of an upcoming drama serial. Armeena Khan is all set to do another drama serial for Hum TV alongside Hira Mani and Junaid Khan.

Armeena talked about her prolonged absence from the Pakistani entertainment industry in this week’s episode of Galaxy Lollywood’s What’s The 411!

A hiatus
Armeena explained that she had never left the industry nor had she ever announced any such thing. All she did was take a hiatus to set her priorities straight in her life.

“I am an actor, this is my job. I had to come back at some point.”

Armeena talked about how a human being has many facets to them. Life is short so Armeena needed that time to herself to set a few things in order. She further explained that that hiatus has helped her in loving being back on sets and shooting.


“Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?” Armeena commented with a chuckle.

Some details about her upcoming drama
Armeena was all praises for the team of her new drama Mohabattein Chahatein that will air on Hum TV. She said that she was thoroughly enjoying her role and her time on set.

“I have a great, wonderful, supportive team. My director, the cast, and the crew is great. I am thoroughly enjoying playing the role as it is something very different, literally, to anything I have ever done before.”
She did not reveal any more details about the project or her character as doing so will ruin the intrigue of the drama and she wants the audience to keep guessing.

“All I can say is that there is no predictability in the script. No one can be sure about what is going to happen until the end.”

The script for the drama is written by Sameera Fazal who had coincidentally also been the writer for Armeena’s last drama, Daldal.

For more fun discussion about what topics had the social media’s attention this week, check out the full episode of What’s The 411! only on Galaxy Lollywood’s Youtube channel!

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