Myths about healthy eating you should know

Myths about healthy eating

Do you know according to the advice of modern nutritionists, the ratio of fruits and vegetables in the diet for better athletic performance should be 4 to 1, but not 50/50. Here are a few myths about healthy eating you need to know

Myths about healthy eating

Fruit vs vegetables

Many of us do not make any special distinctions between fruits and vegetables – we sort of combining them into one group of “healthy fortified foods.” But this approach can not be called correct. According to the advice of modern nutritionists, the ratio of fruits and vegetables in the diet should be 4 to 1, but not 50/50.

The amount of food and weight

A direct relationship between the amount of food and the weight of a person is certainly present. But not in the form we used to see it. If you deny yourself food and eat 1-2 times a day, then it brings much more harm to the body than small meals 5-6 times a day.

Proper distribution of servings for the whole day adjusts your metabolism to a healthy way and the body no longer needs to sink anything in advance, increasing weight.

Harm to chocolate

Excessive consumption of chocolate really harms the health and shape, but a few cloves a day will only benefit the digestive system. Also, pay attention to the type of chocolate consumed: it should be clean and bitter (with a high percentage of cocoa).


Outdated should be considered the position of permissiveness in the formation of breakfast. For a healthy diet, breakfast should be balanced: include proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and fiber.

Fruit for dessert

In fact, it is quite difficult for the body to digest fruit when the stomach is already full. Therefore, it is better to leave fruits for snacking between main meals, when the stomach is practically free and able to fully absorb all the vitamins and trace elements from the gifts of nature.

Fresh Juices

Here there is the same problem as with breakfast – unlimited consumption is not an element of a healthy diet. The norm for an adult – 3 cups of fresh juice per day.

White and Black Bread

We have long been told that black bread is more useful than white. However, in terms of calorie content (and harm to the figure, respectively), there is practically no difference between white and black bread.

Food after 6 pm

Since it was widely cultivated by nutritionists several decades ago and firmly established in the minds of consumers. The correct limit is to refuse to eat for 3-4 hours before bedtime.

Fats – Evil

Diets often give us the ultimate conditions, but it rarely ends with a good result. This postulate applies to constantly “persecuted” fats. In fact, fats – the same necessary battery of the body, like everyone else. But in all you need to know the measure – this is the golden rule of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

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