Surprising health benefits of cherries

Health benefits of cherries

The benefits of cherries for the body are extraordinary. The fresh cherries can neutralize intestinal and dysenteric bacilli. Cherry also has a beneficial effect on the nervous system of the body, since it contains folic acid, which activates blood flow to the brain. 

I will add that the healing properties of the benefits of cherry for women. Berry is also used for the care of the appearance and for better skincare.

Health benefits of cherries

The health benefits of cherries lie in Ellagic acid, which is found in large quantities in its pulp. This is used as a natural substance that normalizes blood pressure. In addition, as a result of recent studies, scientists have determined that ellagic acid reduces the risk of developing cancer. 

Cherry is a quite unpretentious tree that bears fruit in almost any condition. But, despite its unpretentiousness, has a unique nutritional and mineral composition. The pulp of its ripe berries contains coumarins, vitamins of groups B and C, antibacterial substances, pectins, cobalt, fiber, mineral acids, and essential oils. Cherry, the beneficial properties of which can eliminate many diseases, has a particularly useful effect on the circulatory system and blood vessels. 

Due to the unique substances – coumarins, these berries can prevent the formation of cholesterol plaques and reduce the blood clotting threshold.

The chemical composition of cherries

Cherries contain many important minerals such as phosphorus, iron, calcium, potassium, sodium, manganese, the value, and usefulness of which need no further clarification;

Organic acid

That performs a disinfecting function and stabilizes metabolic processes in the body, as well as maintaining acid-base balance. I play an important role in the maintenance of normal skin. By the way, it is this element that gives cherry a pronounced taste, which stimulates the work of the stomach and enhances the motor function of the intestine. Hence the conclusion, if you have problems with appetite, eat cherries (only within reasonable limits, of course);

Glucose and fructose

With the presence of natural sugar in cherries, even people with diabetes to take it for food without fear. Since once in the human body, it decomposes fairly quickly and does not cause harm. However, enthusiasm is still not worth it Because fructose in large doses, as well as other nutrients, can adversely affect the state of health;

Plant fiber

 It is worth noting the advantage of this element, which consists in the fact that vegetable fiber contributes to weight loss. It swells and creates such an illusion of satiety. Also, regular use of this element reduces the risk of breast cancer and colon cancer. In addition, plant fiber removes cholesterol, normalizes blood pressure, promotes the reproduction of beneficial bacteria in the body.

The benefits of cherries for the cardiovascular system

For the proper function of the body, the sour berry is an indispensable therapeutic tool. Due to the high content of vitamin P, coumarin eating cherries will help strengthen the cardiovascular system.

  • normalizes blood clotting

  • reduces the risk of blood clots and angina

  • with high blood pressure will help him to be normal

  • strengthens blood vessels and capillaries

  • supports blood formation function

  • lowers cholesterol

The benefits of cherries for Immunity

Cherry is also known as a mild diuretic. But along with excess fluid, it also removes decomposition products, slags, and toxins from the body. That is why in folk medicine, it is recommended to use cherries daily for problematic skin and as a drug that removes puffiness.

The benefits of cherry juice for bronchitis and colds

In terms of the number of antioxidants, cherry occupies one of the first positions, therefore, to all of its advantages, we can add youth prolongation and improvement of overall health.

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